10 Ways to Increase Your Personal Safety

personal safety tips

Here are 10 very simple and easy ways to keep yourself prepared for any situation. Read our personal safety tips to gain awareness and increase your personal safety.

Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray is useful in the home and in many outside of the home situations. Pepper Spray emits a spray into the face of the aggressor. This personal safety device is compact and easy to use. It can be disguised as a key chain, lipstick or a ring.

How to Improve Safety On The City Streets

If possible, travel with a friend. Be aware and watch the people around you. It is not a good to listen to music on your headphones as people can surprise you from behind. Trust your instincts. Scream and shout if you are attacked.

How to Improve Safety While Using Taxis or Minicabs

Always use a taxi or licensed minicab. Cars cruising the streets looking for customers are illegal. Always confirm the driver’s details when they arrive. Do not provide your personal details.

Safety Alarms for Personal Safety

Due to the very loud sound form personal safety alarms, an attacker is shocked enough to pull away from you. These alarms produce continuous and effective sounds of over 130 decibels. They are lightweight and very easy to activate.

Personal Safety While Alone in the Workplace

Plan to meet first-time visitors in a busy public place, rather than your workplace. Make sure to make log all visitors so there is a record of their visit. You should also phone a friend before and after your meeting to forewarn them and then let them know you are safe. Avoid situations which could be difficult or leave you trapped.

Personal Safety when Cycling

First, obey the rules of the road and make sure you are aware of your surroundings. Avoid short-cuts. Wear a safety helmet. Keep your bike in good working condition.

Personal Safety in Sharing an Apartment or House

If you put an advertisement in the paper, only include the area you live in, and phone number. Do not include your name or address. When applicants call, trust your instincts. If you agree to take someone on, ask them for references.

Personal Safety on the Internet

Don’t give out personal information like your full name, address or telephone number on the Internet. Keep passwords private. Viruses can be spread through e-mail attachments. Only open e-mails from people you know. Be especially careful of e-mails with attachments.

Personal Safety while Handling Cash

Arrange to contact someone once you have finished your shift to let them know you are safe. Carry the cash in a bag that looks inconspicuous. Always get away immediately if you feel threatened. Consider carrying a personal alarm.

Personal Safety on a First Date

Never provide your personal details if you are replying to a lonely heart’s advertisement. Always arrange to meet your date in a public place, preferably in the daytime. Take a friend along, at least for the first date. Inform your first date’s whereabouts to a close friend. Pay attention to your instincts, you can even carry an alarm for added safety.

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