Get Your Bug Out Bag Ready

Make sure you have that Bug Out Bag Ready When you find yourself in a situation and you need to get out of dodge! Whether its the Zombie Apocalypse or you just find yourself stranded on the side of the rode in the middle of no where. You always want to have your bug out bag with you. It can save your life.

What you need for your bug out bag can very by who you are and what you intend to expect. The first and foremost thing is to have the basics. Such as fire starters, knives, small hatchet, blanket, and first aid kit. These are the very basic things that you need. you can always add to it by various things you come by and need. You do want to remember that you want to keep your bug out bag light.

What Is A Bug Out Backpack\Bag, You Ask?

A bug out bag is a survival backpack or a survival kit that is portable. It contains enough items to last you 72 hours when evacuating from a disaster. Although some kits can contain item to last you even longer.

What To Put In A Bug Out Bag?

Don’t know what to include in your survival bug out bag?  Well, here are some options to make it a little easier to know what you need. First of all you need to consider what possible scenarios you might encounter while needing this essential kit. You can choose a number of things to include, anything from modern to just the simple basics. I would suggest a little bit of both.First, you always want to put gear in your bug out bag that you are familiar with and can use with confidence. You wouldn’t want to be out in the middle of no where and find yourself trying to figure out how to use a particular item that you just threw in there.

Essential Survival Gear List

My suggestion would be to put simple tools in there first. Tools such as a first aid kit, flint and steel for making a fire, a knife, which can be used in many different scenarios, a multi tool with a shovel/pick, also a axe or hatchet for splitting wood. Practice makes perfect, I would try and use these items often so you can familiarize yourself with them. Maybe goin camping and try your flint and steel so you will know how to start a fire. Remember, in stressful situations when you are worn out, tired, cold, the simplest thing can be very hard.

You do want to keep your bug out bag light and easy to carry. Keeping that in mind, keep several forms of fire starting methods in there. Such as a lighter, flint and steel, and a bag of sealed dry tinder. Here are some items that you would want to put in your bug out bag.

Survival Bug Out Bag Checklist

These are the first and foremost items to have in your survival backpack.This is just the basic survival gear list There are much more items you can put in your ” Get Out of Dodge Survival” bag. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Urban, wilderness or basic kits. These all have a large variety of items you can put in there for you specific needs.

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