Soeks EcoVisor Review – Ecotester for Radiation and Nitrates


Soeks are makers of radiation and nitrate detectors, electromagnetic field readers and TDS testers for water. We take a look at the Soeks EcoVisor F4, the latest version offered by Soeks.

The EcoVisor F4 boasts itself as a 5 in 1 tester. The EcoVisor has a built in geiger counter to detect ionizing radiation, dosimeter for radiation dosages, food nitrate tester, electromagnetic field meter and TDS water tester.

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General Specifications of the Soeks EcoVisor F4

Operating TimeUp to 24 hours
Power SupplyAAA rechargable batteries (x2)
Power Supply Range2.2 – 3.5 volts
Overall Dimensions147mm x 54mm x 21mm
Device Mass including power supply95grs
Maximum Battery Charging Current300 mA
Maximum Current from power supply or USB500 mA
Charger Output Voltage4.5 to 5.5 volts
DisplayTFT 320mm x 240mm
Operating Temperature Range-20 to +40 degrees Celsius
(-4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit)

Geiger Counter for Radiation Measurement

The Soeks EcoVisor F4 features a Geiger Muller radiation sensor that is larger than most other radiation detectors. This is a military grade radiation sensor which is capable of detecting the tiniest traces of radiation.

The EcoVisor measures radiation in micro Sieverts per hour (mSv/h) which is the radiation dose absorbed by the human body and micro Roentgen per hour (mcR/h) which is the radiation dose in the air.

Natural radiation background usually ranges from 0,08 mSv/h to 0,18 mSv/h. Safe radiation levels for humans is considered to be up to 0,4 mSv/h.

There is no natural radiation background standard, as this will depend on your region, district and amount of radioactive particles found in objects around you. It is more common that radiation levels are higher at greater elevation above sea level than at low elevation above sea level.

You can use the Soeks EcoVisor F4 to measure radiation in the environment, atmosphere, food and water or liquids simply by placing the ecotester near the or above (in the case of liquids) the object. The EcoVisor will display readings depending on the level of background radiation measured, which will look like this:

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Specifications for the Dosimeter

Measurement UnitsSievert, Roentgen
Scale Range of possible radiation backgroundup to 1000
Registered gamma ray energyfrom 0,1 MeV
Warning thresholds0,1 to 100 mSv/h
Warning threshold of accumulated dose0,1 x 10(-6) to 1 Sv
Time of accumulated doseup to 1000 days

Electromagnetic Field Measurement

An electromagnetic field (EMF) is a special form of matter which allows interaction of charged particles. It represents interrelated alternating electric and magnetic fields.

In order to characterize electric field strength, a defined term of electric field intensity is used. This is measured in Ampere per meter (A/m).

Electromagnetic fields can be highly bioactive and negatively impact our health. In particular, electromagnetic fields most commonly impact our nervous system, immune sytstem, endocrine system and reproductive system.

Biological effects of electromagnetic fields tends to accumulate over time and cause degenerative changes to our body systems. This is when we see diseases such as leukemia, encephaloma and cancers occur and disorders of the nervous system and endocrine system.

EMF Protection

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In the Soeks EcoVisor F4 there are four electromagnetic field measurement modes: workplace or facilities, living area, household appliances and review. The EcoVisor measures the electric fields strength and magnetic field strength. When the threshold limit has been reached for either the electric field or magnetic field the ecotester will display red.

The EMF reader is suitable for reading power lines, cell phones, computer monitors, household appliances etc.

Specifications for the Electromagnetic Field

Scale range of electric field frequencyfrom 20 to 2000
Scale range of magnetic field (magnetic induction) intensity crest valuefrom 0,08 to 20 A/m
(from 0,10 to 25) meTI
Maximum permissible relative measurements uncertainty of magnetic field intensity+/- 18%
Scale range of magnetic field intensity crest valuefrom 10 to 5000 V/m
Maximum permissible relative measurement uncertainty for electric field+/- 18%

Water TDS Meter

The Soeks EcoVisor F4 measures the amount of solid particles that have been dissolved in water (TDS – total dissolved solids) per 1 million water particles (PPM – parts per million).

There is an enormous amount of dissolves impurities in water particles. The main impurities are inorganic salts (such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, chlorides and sulfate bicarbonate of calcium). There is also a small amount of organic substances found in water.

The amount of TDS varies from location to location, however, it is important to know what you are drinking. Potassium and magnesium salts affect water hardness, which negatively affects your digestive system, renal system, hair and skin.

water purity tester

Hard water can also have a detrimental effect on domestic appliances with heating elements, such as washing machines, irons, steamers, dishwashers etc. Hard water causes a scale build up on the heating element, increasing heating time and leading to overheating and breakdown.

The Soeks EcoVisor F4 tests water quality in 3 seconds. It will let you know if your water is soft, moderate or hard. Soft water is the most suitable for drinking. Your tds measurement will look like this:

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TDS Meter Specifications

Scale rangeup to 5000 PPM mg/l
Resolution10 PPM mg/l
Temperature range0 to 30 degrees celcius
Measurement uncertainty+/- 12%

Nitrate Tester

Many food producers use chemical fertilizers to speed up growth of fruits and vegetables. These chemicals cause nitrate build up in foods, which is damaging for your health. A safe nitrate dose for adults is between 200 and 300 milligrams per day.

The Soek EcoVisor F4 has an advanced nitrate testing probe with multiple contact points. You insert this probe into fruits, vegetables, lunch meats, fish etc and the ecotester will give you the nitrate reading within 3 seconds. It looks like this:

nitrate sensor

The ecotester also comes pre-programmed with a list of foods it can test.

Nitrate Tester Specifications

Scale range of possible nitrate content20 to 5000 mg per kg
Temperature, compensatingfrom 0 to 30 degrees celcius
Measurement uncertainty+/- 12%

Warranty and Longevity of the Device

Soeks offer a 24 month replacement warranty on the EcoVisor F4. When properly cared for, Soeks expect the device to last around 8 years.

Where to Buy Soeks EcoVisor F4?

The Soeks EcoVisor F4 is available on Amazon. Click here to check the latest price.

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