Are You Prepared to Use Pepper Spray?

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As a Police officer with over 25 years of experience I can tell you from a personal as well as a professional standpoint that just choosing to carry a personal defense product such as pepper spray may not be enough.

In fact unless you learn not only how to use your pepper spray for self defense, but also make a conscious decision that you will use it if necessary, you may be placing yourself in greater harm then if you were empty handed.

A self defense weapon is worthless unless you know how to use it correctly. Police Officers spend many hours preparing themselves both mentally and physically for the challenges they are going to face. They don’t just choose a weapon and hit the streets. You need to approach your purchase of Pepper Spray the same way. Many times people become complacent because they are carrying a weapon. They become emboldened by a false sense of security.

It may be a firearm, a Taser, a Stun Gun, OC Spray, or any other personal defense product that gives you this feeling of security or invincibility. Mace, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns and Tasers are all considered less than lethal weapons and of these pepper spray is legal to carry in all 50 states in the USA. Some restrictions do apply so check your local laws before you purchase.

Given their ease of use these weapons can be carried by almost anyone and are a great choice for your personal defense, just make sure you are able to react when needed. Overcoming an attacker is a very difficult task. Your mind will be racing, your adrenaline flowing, and without practice and preparation you may freeze in a state of panic and be unable to deploy your defense spray.

When relying on any defense product, proper training and education can mean the difference between walking away from the assailant or being seriously hurt. Always know your capabilities and limitations as well as the capabilities and limitations of the product you are using.If you intend to carry Pepper Spray for your personal protection these are just some of the key points you should be considering.

Preparing yourself for a physical confrontation is not by any means an easy task, especially if you have never been involved in any type of fight before. With planning, preparation and a viable action plan, Pepper Spray can give you or your loved ones the much needed edge to survive a violent encounter.

It the real world there is no such thing as a fair fight. An attacker will most often use the element of surprise against you. Catching you off guard, checking your e mail on your cell phone, engaged in a heated discussion over terms of that business deal you are about to close or any number of things that distract you in today’s world.

Why give someone the opportunity to make you a victim? There are many discreet non lethal weapons available to day that will put that element of surprise to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you. A personal defense spray is exactly what you need to accomplish this.

Here are some key points to consider, when carrying pepper spray:

  • Where should I carry my personal spray? In my pocket, my purse, on my pants belt?
  • What is the distance my spray will reach?
  • Should I try and spray my attacker in the face or will any location work?
  • What are the effects of Pepper Spray on my attacker?
  • What if I hit myself with some spray?
  • What should my actions be once I spray my attacker?

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