Top 5 Uses For Your Pocket Knife This Summer

cub scout pocket knife

No matter where you live, a pocket knife is a handy piece of equipment to keep close by. Whether it be to open a parcel, remove a splinter or cut fruit straight from a tree, a pocket knife is not just a tool for the camping trip. Read our top 5 uses for your pocket knife this Summer:

Top 5 Uses For Your Pocket Knife


Your own personal knife could very well save your life. Survivalists, government personnel, together with boy scouts alike all of preach a variety of uses on your pocket knife in tactical situations.

If stranded in the wilderness, a pocket knife can be used to cut tree branches to combine together with rope to make a shelter.

Pocket knives cut seatbelts easily and can save a person trapped in a vehicle.

Pocket knives are also a popular tool for personal safety. Keep it with you and well maintained and it will reward you with many uses over its lifetime.

Fish Scale Remover

One of the best reasons behind camping could be the abundance of big fishing. If you’re by using a river as well as lake, doing some fishing is among the many pleasurable approaches to devote your entire day.

The best part about fishing is getting to enjoy your catch for dinner! Your pocket knife can scale, gut and fillet your fish, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Alternatively, get your fishing line stuck in a rock and need to cut the line? Grab your pocket knife!

Marshmallow Sticks for Camping

Since i was a little child my personal favorite part of camping was toasting Marshmallows! It is an extended tradition in our family to build your own marshmallow toasting stick using your pocket knife. Sharpen the point to pierce through the marshmallow and enjoy the crispy outside and gooey inside of this campfire tradition.


One of my personal favorite pastimes when camping could be the time honored custom of whittling. All you need is a superb piece of real wood and your favourite knife and even you’re on the way. See which kind of art is definitely hiding inside the nearest stump… who knows, there could be a whistle in there.

Fixing Anything

I personally imagine my pocket cutting knife as the duct tape regarding tools. You can utilize it to solve just about anything. We’ve used a pocket knife as a screwdriver and a can opener on countless instances. Last summer season the water pump handle on this camper drain broke and I was able to trend a new one away from wood applying my outdoor camping knife.

What is your favorite use for your pocket knife? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear about how you use a pocket knife!

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