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When the SHTF, inner city thugs will likely travel in gangs targeting individual homes for looting and home invasions. Mass panic will have city folks ‘running for the hills’ – Are you prepared to stand your ground and defend yourself and your family?

The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

OK, maybe you don’t want to carry a gun, or you can’t legally carry a gun. A very bright Tactical LED Flashlight can serve as non-lethal force, used to temporarily blind an aggressor’s adapted night vision, with a very bright and powerful 220 Lumen High Intensity LED Light and Blinding Strobe Light. Bright, Reliable, Powerful, Portable and Hand Held – Compact Enough to Carry in your Pocket or Purse.

Tactical LED Flashlight Recommendations

The NEBO Redline Tactical LED Flashlight (220 Lumens) features an Aggressive Self-Defense Face, providing a additional Self Defensive options. Three Position Light Switch (220/110/22 Lumens, plus Blinding Strobe Light). Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Runs on three AAA Lithium Batteries.

Nebo Redline LED Flashlight

Lethal Force – State Handgun Laws – Learn Self Defense

In U.S. Criminal Law, the perpetrator must have the Means, Motive, and Opportunity. It’s highly recommended that you take a basic gun safety class at a local gun range. You should know how the gun works, be able to disassembly it for cleaning, and be able to shoot it well enough to stop your target.

Before you buy a handgun, know your State Handgun Laws – they are different from State to State. You can’t point a gun at anyone or shoot at anyone, unless your life is in immediate danger, and you are acting strictly in self defense. You can’t point a gun at anyone or shoot at anyone to defend personal property or to get trespassers off of your property. Even firing a warning shot, could be though of as firing directly at someone, and you could be charged with attempted murder. You can’t just ‘wing’ someone for stealing your belongings or for trespassing on your property.

If the perpetrator has broken into your house, the laws in each state are again different. In some states, you must retreat into a back room, and in other states, you still have to prove that your life was in immediate danger and you were acting strictly in self defense, even inside of your own home.

Concealed Handgun Permits – State Handgun Laws

As the name of the permit implies, this concealed handgun permit applies only to handguns, not to rifles or shotguns. These permits (CCW/CHL/CHP) are issued by your individual state, and the laws do vary state by state. Most “Red States” issue Concealed Handgun Permits. Most state permits are legal in other states – but always check your permit before crossing state lines with a concealed handgun.

State Handgun Law Examples

New Jersey bans Hollow Point Ammunition. New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey ban magazines over 10 Rounds Capacity. Never cross into Canada or Mexico with a gun!

To obtain a concealed handgun permit, contact your County Sheriff’s Department – they are the ones that sign and issue the concealed handgun permits. Your County Sheriff can explain the procedure, costs, paperwork, and often recommend a licensed firearms instructor that teaches a local Concealed Handgun Class. Contact your local gun club for classes.

Concealed Handguns, with a Valid Permit, can be carried on your person (Belt Holster, Shoulder Holster, Pocket Holster), in a Purse or Hangbag, or Inside of your Vehicle. Some buildings are Off Limits, like Schools, Medical Facilities and Hospitals, Financial Institutions and Banks, U.S. Federal Buildings and Post Offices, or wherever a No Gun Sign is Posted.

Best Self Defense Firearms for Close Quarters Battle – CQB

Self Defense Firearms, for use inside of your house or Close Quarters Battle, can be broken down into 2 categories – Pistols and Pistol Grip Shotguns. Rifles are not recommended for CQB or inside of your house due to their much longer length.


Advantages – Small, concealable, available in a wide number of makes, sizes, capacities and calibers.

Limitations – not as accurate as a rifle, good only for short range, requires some training to master. Hollow Point Ammunition is recommended for Self Defense Purposes.

Pistol Recommendations

GLOCK 17 or 19, 9mm or GLOCK 22 or 23, .40 with quality hollow point cartridges. GLOCKs are very popular with many Law Enforcement Agencies. A Tactical Weapon Light and Night Sights are recommended for inside of your house at night.

“Get yourself a GLOCK and lose that nickel-plated sissy pistol.”

U.S. Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones), U.S. Marshals.

Pistol Grip Shotguns

Advantages – Massive firepower at close range. Can be used effectively at medium range. Many people claim the shotgun is the ultimate home defense weapon. A Police Sergeant once told me that just the sound of a shotgun racking is usually enough to scare someone out of your home. Variety of shotgun shells are readily available – buck, birdshot, BB, buckshot, slugs, and specialty shells. It also looks like you mean business.

Shotgun Recommendations

Mossberg 500 Pistol Grip in 12 Gauge with the shorter 18.5″ barrel – Inexpensive, Reliable and Easy to Maneuver in Close Quarters Battle, like inside of your house. A Shotgun Weapon Light, for the Mossberg 500 is highly recommended for Self Defense Use inside of your house at night and of course, Zombie Apocalypses.

Best Self Defense Ammunition For Pistols and Shotguns

For self defense, buy only the very best American Manufactured Hollow Point Ammunition from well known American Ammunition Manufacturers, such as Federal, Speer, Winchester or Remington.

Greater Stopping Power – Kinetic Energy

To achieve Greater Stopping Power and Kinetic Energy, +P and +P+ Ammunition is loaded to a Higher Internal Pressure than Standard Ammunition. This produces a much higher Muzzle Velocity (+1200 fps) and Kinetic Energy (+400 ft-lbs). Kinetic Energy increases with the square of the Velocity, which makes the Velocity of the round much more important than the Mass of the round. K = 1/2mv squared. Not every handgun can handle the higher pressures of +P or +P+ ammunition, so check with your Handgun Specifications. All GLOCKS can handle +P and +P+ Ammunition.

Best Pistol Ammunition – Hollow Point Ammunition – JHP

Winchester Ranger, Federal Tactical, and Speer Gold Dots are all very effective pistol ammunition brands. These Hollow Point Ammunition Rounds meet IWBA Test Protocols. All of the Hollow Point Rounds listed below produce at least 400 Foot-Pounds of Kinetic Energy, and are Highly Recommended for Self Defense Stopping Power.

Best Pistol Ammunition (9mm)

Federal 124 gr.+P JHP (P9HST3) Federal Tactical HST

Federal 124 gr. JHP (LE9T1) Federal Tactical Bonded

Federal 135 gr. +P JHP (LE9T5) Federal Tactical Bonded

Remington 147 gr. JHP (GS9MMC) Remington Golden Saber

Speer 124 gr. +P JHP (23617) Speer Gold Dot

Speer 147 gr. JHP (23619) Speer Gold Dot

Winchester 124 gr. +P JHP (RA9124TP) Winchester Ranger

Winchester 127 gr. +P+ JHP (RA9TA) Winchester Ranger

Winchester 147 gr. JHP (RA9T) Winchester Ranger

Best Pistol Ammunition (.40 S&W)

Federal 165 gr.+P JHP (P40HST3) Federal Tactical HST

Federal 165 gr. JHP (LE40T3) Federal Tactical Bonded

Federal 180 gr. JHP (LE40T1) Federal Tactical Bonded

Remington 180 gr. JHP (GS40SWB) Remington Golden Saber

Speer 155 gr. JHP (23961) Speer Gold Dot

Speer 180 gr. JHP (23966) Speer Gold Dot

Winchester 165 gr. JHP (RA40TA) Winchester Ranger

Winchester 180 gr. JHP (RA40T) Winchester Ranger

Best Shotgun Ammunition (12 Gauge)

As powerful as it is, 00 Buck is not recommended for indoor home defense, because it will penetrate your wall and your neighbor’s wall. For indoor home defense use, #2 – #4 Bird Shot, or Tungsten BB Shot, to prevent over penetration of your walls.

Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense is highly recommended for inside home defense.

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